Panorama CX Series

Solar Gard’s ceramic products leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection with low reflectivity without sacrificing the views.

  • Advanced sputtered ceramic technology rejects up to 58% of total solar energy resulting in improved indoor climate control and total comfort
  • Low visible reflectivity provides uncompromising views to the outside while maintaining the natural appearance of the exterior
  • exceptional durability makes it optimal for use in demanding coastal environments
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Only available through the Panorama Elite Window Film Network.

  • Performance Results
    Solar Energy Visible Light
    T% A% R% T% Ext.
    E Wtr
    SC SHGC % UV Light Blocked Total Solar Energy Rejected
     Panorama CX 60 50 38 12 61 11 9 .85 1.04 .71 .62 >99 38
     Panorama CX 50 39 46 15 51 13 11 .83 1.03 .61 .53 >99 47
     Panorama CX 35 26 53 21 37 17 15 .79 1.01 .48 .42 >99 58

    Performance Results

    Performance results were generated from testing 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass and have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with ASTM, ASHRAE and AIMCAL standards. Performance results are subject to variations within industry standards.

  • Warranty

    Solar Gard is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of window films and has been one of the most trusted and popular window film lines worldwide for over 30 years. Our products feature superior quality and our warranties are some of the most comprehensive in the industry.

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